The Dollar Diva with Debbie

Matters of money can be difficult to understand, especially if you lack the experience doing so. But financial success is just within reach—if you know where to look for help. Welcome to The Dollar Diva with Debbie. Your host, Debbie Bloyd, wants you to find your path to financial stability. Pulling on her vast experience within the industry, she helps you find the best ways to invest money and save money. Debbie Bloyd has over 24 years in the finance industry, which has equipper her with the skills necessary to educate you about blazing a trail to your personal financial success. Based in Texas, Debbie’s career path started at the University of Texas at Austin. Here, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Journalism, and Business, and from there, she found her way to real estate. For the past twenty years, Debbie has been licensed in the mortgage business, and practices in both the states of Texas and Florida. She also has a State of Texas Department of Texas Insurance License for Property and Casualty / Life Health. Debbie’s work in the mortgage business has led her to work with several big firms including the Brazos County Bank (as VP of Mortgage Lending), Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation (as Branch Manager), and Farmers Bank and Trust (as Mortgage Loan Officer). At present, Debbie works as a Mortgage Broker for DLB Mortgage Services. Debbie’s expertise in finances has a wide reach, and she has, in the past been able to work with various types of financials, self-employed, bankruptcies, and foreclosures. In her line of work, Debbie’s responsibility is to assist her clients in getting back on their feet, so they come into a stronger financial position. Besides mortgage work, she also does plenty of consulting work for people’s personal finances, especially when it comes to credit and budgeting. Apart from this, Debbie has gained expertise in family and estate planning, as well as insurance, for a well-rounded understanding of the personal finance industry. In her field, Debbie has built up trust from her clients because the quality of her service is always top-notch. Taking her responsibility and accountability to heart, she always makes sure to use only the best firms and services, especially when imparting counsel upon her clients. And if that weren’t enough, Debbie has been on the air in Bryan College Station at Bryan Broadcasting for over 11 years. She also garnered a presence as the host of daily shows in Houston, Texas and Tampa, Florida where she provides practical advice to listeners in an easy to understand way, which makes her the perfect guide to achieving financial success. Whether it’s helping you make sense of money, strategize for retirement, buy new houses, refinance a property, plan out investments, or thinking forward to future generations, Debbie has definitely got you covered. Are you ready to open your mind to a new way of understanding your personal finances? Because if you are, you’re in luck. Debbie is here to make the complicated issues easy to digest. Money doesn’t have to be difficult when she’s in your corner. So whether you’re looking to accumulate your savings, or you’re beginning to plan for retirement, this is the place for you! The Dollar Diva has got your back—anytime, anywhere.

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