Profit Junkie

The Profit Junkie Podcast is for entrepreneurs who wants to increase sales and grow profits. In each episode your host, Jake Randall, interviews experts and entrepreneurs that have grown wildly profitable businesses. You’ll learn how to grow your top line revenue, and make sure more of that money drops like a rock to the bottom line as profit. So, stick around you’re on the road to becoming addicted to success. You’ll become a profit junkie! Your host, Jake Randall is the CEO and Founder of Taxbot. The team at Taxbot is on a mission to create a better everyday life for the self-employed by allowing them to focus on business growth. They help automate and simplify tedious accounting processes to save time and money. Taxbot empowers users through education to identify and take advantage of unused tax strategies. For more on Taxbot, visit For your free copy of 7 Simple Ways To Legally Avoid Paying Taxes, visit Contact Taxbot 420 W 1500 S., Sui

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