How to Buy a Home

Looking for answers – Can I buy a home? When do I start planning? Feeling clueless? Where should a first time home buyer start? Right here: real info from a real expert. This is free advice for anyone thinking they want to buy a house someday from an industry “insider” with years of hands-on experience. David Sidoni, the #HowtoBuyaHomeGuy, gives you the playbook on the dos and don’ts of buying your first house; from planning for the big step a year or two out, right down to the nitty-gritty of the actual transaction and purchase. David explains how to plan, prepare for, and ultimately navigate the home buying process for those that don’t have a clue on how this all works. For far too long the real estate industry has either ignored first time home buyers or handed them off to novice agents with little training or expertise – and that sucks for you. So this podcast reaches out directly to you and gives you all the information you need to buy your first house. This is the inside information, including the dirty little secrets of real estate that will help protect you, as well as the crucial tips to help you plan for the entire process and then ultimately guide you step by step right up to getting you your keys. Hear real stories from real buyers, and real people trying to figure if they even can buy a home. As of the end of 2020, over 50 listeners have used the info and found an agent through the podcast to help them buy their first home, and hundreds more have connected with a pro that cares about them and they are planning, even in the early phases, to make their dream a reality. With 103 first time buyer home sales himself in Orange County, California (as of Dec. 2020), David is still active in helping buyers; but after years of seeing so many first time buyers get ignored and mistreated by the real estate industry, he decided to start a revolution and give you the ultimate instructional “How To” for the biggest and most important financial transaction of your life. You deserve the truth. You deserve to be treated like the valued consumer that you are. And no, unfortunately, it can’t be summed up in a top 10 list or a cute little chart. There are a million topics and he is recording them as fast as he can. Pop this pod in daily and get a quick dose of what you need to know. You should be planning for this YEARS ahead of time, so use this how-to guide to help make you feel more assured and poised to make a brilliant move. Don’t wait to find out you could have stopped renting years before you thought you could! Listen and find out you may not have to be a renter as long as you think, and you can enter the world of homeownership. If you’re sick of high rents, and you want a plan, listen and learn how to buy a home like a pro – and share with your friends and family who need some real talk and free advice. You can do this!

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