Feminist Visionaries

As a woman/womxn in business, you’ve got a passion for being a leader, a wayfinder, or a luminary for other women. You understand that it’s time for us all to shine. Meaghan Lamm is right there with you, a no-holds-barred, inspiring powerhouse leading the charge as she interviews feminist visionaries who have created movements, changed culture, and built legacies. Certified by the International Association of Online Business Managers, Meaghan Lamm believes that empowering women is a feminist act. Having discovered a deep love for women-owned businesses and all that they bring to the online community, Meaghan and her team work with coaches who are passionate about their missions to change the world. Do YOU have a vision to fulfill? You’re in the right place! Grab your headphones and join your fellow Feminist Visionaries here every week on the podcast.

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