You’re an emerging creative who just wants to start earning a living for your passion. And you’re sick of not getting paid for your work or working for yet another “exposure.” You’ve come to the right place: MRgen, the business show on show business! You might be thinking, “Operating a business? What the-?” You may not be familiar with the idea, had no interest in it, or the thought has been daunting. Things like how to start a production company (maybe even, “What’s a company?”), how to get out there to your audience, how to get those jobs or clients, and most of all, how to get paid! Here on MRgen, we aim to help you get your business happening. Hosted by M Rey, we bring you the ways and the tools to help you build and grow your very own business in show. A creative who had another life in business and technology before going through what you’re going through, M Rey draws on her experiences, learnings, and knowledge to produce the ploys used by those who have made it and are making it. Every week, M Rey features a show business professional, creative solopreneur, and “it-peoples” to share their stories, inspirations, and their own takes on show business. Avoid the traps and learn about the ways they’ve conquered their own challenges as they dish out valuable golden nuggets, insights, and pieces of advice. You are not on your own in the dark – we are here to guide you and help you discover the direction and gears to get your business going. Get into the biz, and get it streaming. Tune in to MRgen today, the business show on show business.

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